what are the benefits of being soul conscious?


being soul conscious is a fundemental shift in the way we see ourselves and the world we are in.
seeing life on earth from the perspective of being a soul, changes everything.
i am the being, living life on this amazing planet, inside this outstanding biological machine!



when i see all others as souls i instantly connect with the most beautiful aspects of a person.
when i see the body only, i see all the ways in which we are different and often their weaknesses and shortcomings.
i know each soul is naturally loving and good hearted, and only through misguided attempts to return to that state are wrong actions performed. this gives rise to mercy and compassion.



life is not limited to what i see with these eyes.
there is a world beyond this physical one. and existence beyond time.


experience it

// practice being soul conscious.

soul consciousness is a state of being aware that i am a soul.
not "i have a soul", but, i am a living being of light inside this body.
this does take practice and attention.

Experience Now